Bin those distractions & get more done!

Blocking Distractions

From the Pomodoro technique to timeboxing, there are numerous strategies to help you get focused and complete tasks quickly. Most of these techniques involve short bursts of highly concentrated productivity followed by a reasonable break. There are a number of tools to help you make the most of your periods of focus.  

White Noise Generators

White noise really works, it calms nerves and promotes focus. This soft, nondescript background noise helps to dampen other noises and keep your brain focused on the task at hand. There are several free white-noise generators out there, including White Noise Lite, which can be downloaded on iPhones and Androids.

Website Blockers

For those of you who aren’t messing around with this productivity thing (and don’t trust your own willpower enough), there are free browser add-ons that may assist in your quest to get stuff done.
These tools will allow you to block access to certain highly distracting websites during periods of time when you need to focus. This is the best method of forcing productivity and it’s 100% effective.
Here are the best ones for you sorted by browser: StayFocusd for Chrome, WasteNoTime for Safari, and LeechBlock for Firefox.

Content Declutterers

Most browsers have ad-blocker apps that will help you to reduce the number of web banners clamoring for your attention every day. These apps are incredibly popular. For instance, more than 10 million people use AdBlock.
While AdBlock helps you declutter as you’re browsing the internet, other tools, like feedly, can bring your favorite content right to you in a nice, minimally cluttered interface.

I would love to hear your comments on this article, as well as sharing any ideas, tips, tricks or tools you use to keep focused.
All the best!
Neil Brewster