How we felt about winning Best Professional Practice 2013 for the Cherry Woods Skin Clinic

Cherry Woods, Owner of The Cherry Woods Skin Clinic talks about winning

How we felt about winning Best Business 2013?
Winning a  Best Business 2013 award was a genuine surprise and I am very proud to be an independent business thriving here in the Richmond borough.   For me, this award just highlights one of my philosophies I have stuck close to over the years…that a ‘returning customer’ is much more important and valuable than any ‘one-off’, individual sale.   Attention to details, customer care and keeping a close eye on a customer’s overall experience is very much part of my focus.

What will the award do for us?
I feel this award has introduced me to a new set of customers  that may not have seen me on the high street (as I am tucked away on a quiet street) I have already had numerous calls from the  publicity that this has generated and, without a doubt, being the only Beauty Therapist to win this year makes other businesses and the consumer take me more seriously as a business person.  I have used the momentum of this publicity to work with other independent female business owners in Richmond…Women can be very powerful when we work Together.

What next?
We are organizing a Pre-Christmas Event in Richmond to help people ‘Discover Richmond’ to highlight businesses which are ‘hidden gems’  and those which they may not have naturally found.  I am also taking on an assistant in the New Year to help me with my very long waiting lists. I have a 3 month wait for Saturday appointments and a 3 week wait for weekday appointments.