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Cloud Computing


Of course, IT doesn’t just stop with marketing. We also ran a very successful seminar on Cloud Computing, which makes a lot of sense for small businesses without a server. It’s also the future of entrepreneurialism – people are starting amazing businesses using Cloud technology, because of its instant scalability. More and more of…(Read More)

Social media is no longer the “new big thing” or a “fad” it is growing up fast from a teenager to a young adult who has gone out and got a job. When I first embraced Facebook and Twitter five or six years ago it was fun and truly social. Social media didn’t have…(Read More)

We’ve all been there when a meeting goes off the rails and begins to slowly drain your sanity. This can certainly be avoided, though. Meetings can be more productive if we work at improving them. Every meeting has to have a leader, a stated purpose, a start and end time, and a valid reason…(Read More)

Blocking Distractions From the Pomodoro technique to timeboxing, there are numerous strategies to help you get focused and complete tasks quickly. Most of these techniques involve short bursts of highly concentrated productivity followed by a reasonable break. There are a number of tools to help you make the most of your periods of focus.   White…(Read More)

Am I too busy?


How often do I hear this being said? So are we busy or busy fools? If you don’t know how to utilise your time and resources well, the chances are you’re not getting much work done (sorry if the truth hurts!). Don’t stress, help is here, we have a variety of tools…(Read More)