Testimonials for the Richmond Chamber of Commerce

‘’Very good event, very well organised, good venue and food, five stars’’ – Councillor Geoff Acton MP

‘’Extremely good, gorgeous venue and a good selection of drinks’’- Vicky Sharp

“Very nice, special breakfast but very nice indeed.” – Andrea Vida

‘’Fantastic’’- Jamie O’Donnell

‘’Very useful, great networking’’- Sarpel Ustunel

‘’Brilliant’’- Michael Hiskail

 ‘’Wonderful as usual’’ – Regina Brancato-Dunderdale

 ‘’Very lively environment, good event and I will definitely come again’’ – Chris Kwok

‘’A fantastic and interesting event, always meeting fascinating new people at every event I attend’’ – Marja-Lena Toseland

‘’Very good event and very well organised’’- Peter Lilly

‘’Superb, excellent’’ – Thomas Middlehurst

‘’All parts of this event were excellent, excellent food including steak and a great venue’’ – Councillor Ian Craigie

“It was a pleasant event in an iconic venue and it was lovely to meet the chamber members.” – Kate Howard, Councillor, Hampton North

““Very enjoyable event, very relaxed and informal. Good quality of interface between the attendees.” – Mark Gilham, Santander

“Very good event, well attended and good mix of people.” – Gordon Hamper, Menzies

“Interesting company and lovely hospitality as always. A big thank you to Luis and I’m very much look forward to seeing everyone again..” – John Royle, Glanton

“It was great … 5/5 or 10/10.” – Derek Mason, Super Structures Associates

“Thank you so much it was a great morning. Very interesting and inspiring.” – Annabelle Godwin, R Chocolate London

“Yes it was a great networking event and the breakfast & venue was lovely. I just love to attend chamber events as the members who attend ” just help to encourage you even much more”…” – Leslie Ampofo, Natwest

“It was a lovely event. The food and location were amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.” – Claire Spackman – Menzies

“As always it was a great pleasure to attend your fab events. The networking was on point.
Your team made me feel very welcome.” – Leslie Ampofo, NatWest

“Hosting a business event for the Chamber is a great networking opportunity. It makes visitors aware of what we do and as a charity can help businesses to get involved in helping us.”
– Pat Ealey, The Holly Lodge Centre.

“I enjoy attending the Richmond Chamber events and for good reason; you meet a wide variety of knowledgeable people locally, they are good fun and business is often done – a perfect use of my time!”
– Andreas Voniatis, Artios.

“Richmond’s Chamber of Commerce has impressed me enormously. Among other things, the team provide a not for profit meeting space for local businesses large and small to be in touch and do business. I am struck by their openness and willingness to take advantage of every opportunity for the good of our area. Unlike so many of these types of organisations, they really make things happen.”
– Zac Goldsmith MP

“Many thanks for inviting us to the breakfast meeting – the most stimulating breakfast I have had for some time! It seemed like a big success for the Chamber.”
– Angela Kidner, Projects Manager, Environment Trust for Richmond upon Thames

“The Richmond Chamber has gone from strength to strength with high quality networking events and excellent business forums. With Anne Newton as Chair, membership is at record levels and the Chamber is now the serious voice in the Richmond business community.”
– Cllr Geoff Acton MP

“The Chamber is a coherent voice of businesses in the borough but goes well beyond that, for example fostering excellence & innovation amongst local employers and helping employees and companies to support many
non-business initiatives serving the community and environment.”
– Douglas McCallum, Head of eBay Europe & Richmond Borough Chamber Member

“The Chamber’s new impetus is really starting to help us work more closely together. We’re keen to have a positive and productive relationship with business and the Chamber is really starting to bring the voice of business to the table. This will help us to engage all businesses effectively in issues that affect them and the wider borough, and explore new initiatives to support SMEs.”

– Sean Gillen, Economic Development Manager, Richmond Council

“The Richmond Chamber of Commerce has provided invaluable insights into the richness and variety of business activity in the Borough. This has inspired ideas for me at work and is helping me to think of ways in which I can make a personal contribution to the success of the local area in which I live. The networking opportunities are first class and the variety and quality of speakers which the Chamber has succeeded in attracting is extremely impressive.”
– Kate Ellis, Senior Corporate Executive resident in the Borough

“I am most impressed by the enthusiasm and vision of the Chamber leadership over recent weeks. I feel the Chamber has a key role to play in bringing businesses together in these difficult times to provide a voice for business, but also to encourage local purchasing and supply. Business Link provides great business information and a Business Review service, and the Chamber will enable this information to be relayed and applied effectively.”
– Rob Grover, Partnership Manager, Business Link In London

“Richmond’s Chamber of Commerce has become a vibrant hub for local businesses large and small.  Businesses tell me how much they value the chance to network in a social setting or to join a meeting or seminar that explores issues of concern to them.  In these tough times the role of the Richmond Chamber of Commerce is more important than ever.”  Baroness Kramer, Minister for Transport

“The Poppy Factory were delighted to sponsor a Chamber of Commerce event and relished the opportunity to meet many key contacts from Richmond’s varied business community. During the event we were able to share our plans and get local businesses engaged in our work. In turn, this has resulted in offers of support from businesses of all sizes and types and also members of the community too.”

– Liz George, Head of Fundraising, The Poppy Factory