Winner Best Business for Innovation – Foehn – Rafael Cortes, Head of Marketing


What it feels like to have won

We were pleased enough to be Highly Commended as Best Business in 2014, but to pick up three awards in 2015 is fantastic.  Once again we are delighted to be recognised as one of the Best Businesses in Richmond and we are thrilled also to be regarded as the most Innovative Business as well as having an outstanding website which we’re extremely proud of.

How it will benefit your business

The awards we’ve won certainly help us to showcase our company in and around the Richmond area but also much farther afield.  We have local customers and the awards are further endorsement that they are partnered with a ‘Best of Richmond’ company.  And if other local companies see what we are achieving and are looking to improve their business communications system, then pick up the phone to Foehn!

We also have many other customers throughout the UK and even if they are in, say, Scotland or Wales, it’s good for them to know they are being supported by an award-winning business.

What you have learnt about your strengths having entered 

When you’re preparing an award submission, you have to be honest with yourself about what you think you’re good at, so we went for categories that we felt best suited our strengths.  We believe we’re a good all rounder, a business that balances revenue growth and profitability with transparency, fairness and good customer service.   Our customer-focused ethos is very much part of this approach and our people play a massive role in making sure that we are technically ahead of the game, as well as being innovative and forward-thinking.  Picking up the Best Innovative business award was especially gratifying because it really does sum us up in our sector – breaking boundaries.

How it has impacted the team 

The awards we’ve won recognise the talent, knowledge, skills and dedication of every single team member at Foehn and so we’re all delighted with that recognition.   Our Best Business Innovator Award and our Awards certificates are all prominently displayed in our breakout area as a reminder of the team’s achievements.

How others outside view you

We know customers see us as telephony innovators that challenge the status quo. When we speak with our customers, we understand what sets us apart from competitors more and more. We are perceived to be a company that says yes to technological innovation and always looks to exceed customer expectations and achieve customer delight. We may not be the biggest, but we are fast and try to break the boundaries with what’s possible with business telephony technology.

Will you be entering the Awards 2016

Surpassing three awards will be a tough act to follow in 2016, but we will most certainly enter again and will probably have our eyes on a couple of other categories.

What exciting ventures you have coming up

We’re heading into 2016 with some really exciting new products that we’ve been designing and developing in 2015.   Our approach is not to simply come up with new ideas that we think might fly, but rather look at how the world of business and commerce is changing and then focus on very real needs in the future.  The way that people interact with businesses and other organisations, such as public sector bodies, is evolving all the time, especially as technology advances.  Being a communications business, we’re also to some extent futurologists, anticipating, analyzing and forecasting future trends.  Watch this space!

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