Winner Best Business 2015 – Butterworth Laboratories – David Hawkins, COO

  • What it feels like to have won:

We have worked hard over the last 40 to provide a successful and happy place of work providing good science and service to our clients.  As the company has grown we have been largely modest about our success and only really celebrated it internally.   Richmond has a flourishing business community with some great and successful companies; a fact made only too apparent at the Business Awards themselves.  To win Best Business in the face of such competition is an honour and provides great encouragement to all who work at Butterworth’s to continue the good work.

  • How it will benefit your business or non profit organisation:

This award provides our staff with the recognition of their hard work and dedication they deserve.  This will help inspire us to continue our success and maintain the high levels of service which our clients have become accustomed.

  • What you have learnt about your strengths having entered: 

Until we entered the award, we didn’t fully appreciate how far we have come; from being a small start-up located in Teddington High Street to the Company we are today.

  • How it has impacted the team:

This is a great moral booster for all of our staff.  Being told that they are a success from their management is one thing, but to be recognised by the wider business community is a far greater accolade.

  • How others outside view you:

There always seems to be misunderstanding by non-scientists about what goes on inside a chemistry lab.  People assume we are either a bunch of boffins with smoking test tubes or that we are a chemical manufacturing plant.  This couldn’t be further from the truth as anyone who has visited our laboratories will know.  Winning this award may change people’s perceptions of us and hopefully we will be seen a business that contributes to the common good by helping to ensure that the medicines everyday people take are safe.

  • Will you be entering the Awards 2016:

Yes.  This is the second year we have entered the awards and this year we sponsored the CSR category. The awards are a highlight of the year and is an opportunity for us to meet other local businesses and provides networking opportunities.

  • What exciting ventures you have coming up:

We are currently planning to redevelop our site in Teddington.  The site has evolved organically over the years and the result is no longer the best design to adequately support our current operations and staff.  There is much to do with finalising the plans and specifying the finished laboratories which will accommodate us for at least the next 10 years.