How we felt about winning Best Business 2013 by Simon Morden of Prosell

Simon Morden, CEO of Prosell talks about winning

How we felt about winning Best Business 2013?
We were thrilled to get the recognition which such a prestigious award attracts. It was great on the night to share the award with so many people who have been part of our success – directors, partners, colleagues and customers.
 We have been in business almost 30 years delivering sales, management and customer service skills training. The training has been about delivering results not just events. This award is down to the quality of our team here, our loyal group of trainers and coaches and our terrific customers.

What will the award do for us?
Very specifically, it will give us the opportunity to market our services to the local SME businesses keen to grow. We shall help them take advantage of the Growth Accelerator Fund to develop the skills of their managers.. As Richmond and Twickenham are known internationally, the award can be used to promote ourselves with our global clients.

What next?

We shall become more involved with the Chamber of Commerce as it will help us promote our local services more effectively due its huge profile in the Borough.