Marketing Forum

Marketing Forum

It is a real challenge these days to connect with the consumer/client and build trust; businesses must engage in consistent, two-way dialogue with their target audience, whether B2C or B2B. With the advent of social media, the client-customer relationship has increasingly become driven by the likes and shares of Facebook, YouTube, trends on Twitter and so on.

The Marketing forum at the RCC ensures members stay one step ahead in the rapidly changing world of modern marketing.

We host regular Chamber Business Seminars in conjunction with the Richmond Business School where experts in their field share their valuable insights for sales & marketing. Also we offer members guidance in Marketing/IT workshops on the use of digital marketing & social media so that they grow their business, deliver to clients and develop new customers. These events are held regularly and hosted by Neil Brewster and other members of the Marketing Forum.

The Marketing Forum is a community of like-minded and skilled individuals represented by Anne Newton on the Richmond Chamber Committee and the Chamber has a priority of increasing business for this sector via the Forum.

Testimonials from Chamber Workshops

Social Media Digital Marketing  Workshop

It was another great workshop – really useful and interesting. I have been motivated to start the day doing twitter stuff.  These workshops are really excellent and enjoyable. You have a great format going and I wish I could attend more.   Kirsten Hunter, Kirsten Hunter Sailing.

Chamber IT Marketing Hands-On Workshop on Website Basics

The event was really good and very informative. I will definatley be using what I learnt in the future. Darren Thornton, Integrated Neurological Services.