How we felt about winning Best Corporate and Social Responsibility 2013 by Rebecca Batten, Richmond Theatre

Rebecca Batten from Richmond Theatre talks about winning

How we felt about winning Best Corporate and Social Responsibility Award 2013?
 We were delighted to be invited to attend the recent Richmond Business Awards on behalf of Richmond Theatre, and even more so when we walked away with the award for Best Achievement in Corporate Social Responsibility! The feedback we received from the judging panel was fantastic and we couldn’t be more proud to have won this award.  Entering the Richmond Business Awards provided us with a great opportunity to show people exactly what Richmond Theatre has to offer the local community.
What will the award do for us? Being chosen for this award in particular validates our resolve to keep a sense of community at the heart of Richmond Theatre, both within our working environment and, importantly, reaching out to interact with local groups.  We are keen to make the place we are so passionate about accessible to those around us, to protect our shared environment, and to extend our engagement with the public. Having won the award we will pursue our objectives with even greater assurance, knowing we have the recognition of the Richmond Borough Chamber of Commerce, and all those who supported us.
What next? The New Year will begin with a Relaxed Performance at the Pantomime, allowing new access to many members of the community who would normally feel excluded from such an event.  We hope to extend our conscientious environmental initiatives, with our “Always Think Green” policy as a secure foundation, and we will continue to communicate with all those involved within and around the theatre, sharing ideas on how we can all contribute further to our wider environment.