How we felt about winning Best Business for Innovation & Technology 2013 by Jeremy Doyle of Bluefish Retail

Jeremy Doyle, Bluefish Retail talks about winning

How we felt about winning Best Business for Innovation and Techonology 2013?
We are sincerely over the moon to be recognised for our efforts over the past couple of years in building our point of sale system – Bluestore Live. We’re passionate about retail and supporting small and medium sized retailers in establishing and growing their enterprises. We truly believe that smaller businesses should have access to equally high functioning software and technology as bigger stores but without the hefty price tag. Starting from scratch, we’ve experienced the same highs and lows as any start-up, but are genuinely thrilled that we are becoming established within the market and can also now add this string to our bow!
What will the award do for us?
We’re hoping the award will raise our profile, making us to the go to provider for small businesses in the area. We’re residents in Twickenham so we have a vested interest in keeping our high street thriving. We are certain that we can help local businesses cut costs and improve efficiency by using our point of sale system and we’d be delighted to improve on our offering with feedback from the retailers themselves.
What next?
Our software is now established in small to medium sized retail outlets up and down the country and overseas. Now’s the time to build on our growing reputation with more involvement in our local area. We’re keen for feedback and are always ready to include new functionality if our customers ask for it. Our next release will extend Bluestore for use in cafes and restaurants. No shortage of those in Twickenham! Bluestore now integrates with Magento ecommerce platform and an ipad version is also on it’s way.