How we felt about being highly commended for Best Business for Innovation and Technology by Thomas Olsen of Lagoni Engineering

Thomas Olsen, Director of Lagoni Engineering, talks about being highly commended 

How we felt about being highly commended for Best Business for Innovation and Technology
As Lagoni has only recently moved its main operating office to the borough, we are thrilled to be recognised on a local level for our technical expertise, our unique and innovative approach to the control systems engineering, and our role in reducing the UK’s carbon footprint. It is an honour to be highly commended for this award, and we are delighted to gain the extra publicity as well as to be able to showcase Richmond upon Thames to our clients and visitors.
What will the award do for us?
Lagoni’s ethos is national focus with a local heart; this award cements these beliefs.  We are delighted to be in the position of attracting clients from all over Great Britain to enjoy our locality – the only negative feedback is that they wished they could stay longer! Not only have we already capitalized on the recognition gained from the award, but we have been impressed by the innovation of others and how this can impact our business activities. We are further motivated to seek local opportunities and make new local contacts.
What next?
2014 promises to be exciting year for all of us at Lagoni. We have plans for measured growth and opportunities for diversification, whilst keeping our company ethos and core values the same. We are confident that by sticking near Richmond upon Thames we can attract the best. We are looking forward to becoming more involved in local initiatives and finding ways in which we may promote engineering to inspire youth as the innovative, relevant and exciting field that we believe it can be.