Chamber workshops (joint with the Marketing Forum)

We’ve had an interesting (not to mention well attended) series of meetings here in the forum. By joining forces with the Marketing Forum, we have run several workshops along the topics of:
•  LinkedIn
•  Facebook for business
•  Twitter for business
• Cloud Computing
•  Internet Advertising (Google and Facebook)
We have also run a successful training session on how to set up webinars, and we look forward to more on Podcasting and other topics.
For our workshops, we take a different view of the usual seminar format. These sessions are different from the usual PowerPoint presentations, and far more interactive. What makes the difference is that everyone turns up with a laptop, and once the initial presentation has been done, everyone jumps onto their laptops and gets on with it (with our assistance, of course).
For example, with Twitter for business (one of our most popular seminars): people who didn’t have Twitter accounts logged on and set themselves up, and others who already Twitter accounts found out about how to make best use of them, for instance by using utilities such as HootSuite,, and other free utilities that are out there to help you make the most of your Social Media platforms.
Most of our focus has been on social media, but there are other aspects of IT that we plan to cover in future. For example, one of your most important assets is your customer database – and if you don’t have one, you need to get one. And learn how to use it. How do you connect with customers that you’ve not seen in a while? Do you know who your top customers are? Where do your customers come from? All these are questions that can be answered with a good marketing database.

– Mark Lilleyman