Benefits of being an Intern at the Richmond Chamber of Commerce

During my 3 months’ internship at the Richmond Chamber of Commerce, I learned how the Chamber operates. This experience showed me the expectations of working in an office. This training allowed me to meet new people locally from all walks of life and different places.

In the Chamber of Commerce, I saw that teamwork was important and learned that we have to be coordinated to succeed. The teamwork was great and the Chamber members professional and welcoming and as such, it was easy to be integrated into the Chamber.

Thanks to the Chamber, it gave me better confidence within myself and I acquired better skills in terms of marketing and I saw how the strategies were implemented. I made phone calls to companies to encourage them to join the Chamber and the internship enabled me to learn how to better use software and websites. A key skill for me was appreciating the importance of professionalism in all aspect of my work from the phone to written email and when meeting and speaking to people; as such I found I was better able to express myself in the business environment.

Being an intern in the Chamber of Commerce, I attended Chamber events, acquired new skills as a coordinator and learned how to organise events and participate fully, meeting businesses, VIPs, charities, councillors and so on and I really enjoyed this internship, as I now appreciate the importance of professionalism, working in an office and how to interact at business events. I would very much like to thank the Richmond Chamber of Commerce for the opportunity they extended to me. Quentin Masson 10/07/2017