2016 Richmond Business Awards’ Best Customer Service Winner – The Lensbury

The Lensbury was a Founder Sponsor of the Richmond Chamber of Commerce Awards when they were launched six years ago. We were delighted to be involved in Awards as we felt, at the time, that the Awards reflected the great work the Chamber was doing in creating new networks, particularly in difficult economic times.

Since that initial involvement, we have come to value the Awards even more. We have submitted the Lensbury for two different awards over the last few years – the Corporate Social Responsibility Award and the Training Award. Just the simple conversation at senior management level about which award was important to us, of the large number of award categories available, was an interesting one because it took us back to a review of our core values – which made the selection of which award we should go for immediately apparent to us.

Further, the act of writing the application for the awards, served a key purpose – the application form became in effect, a review of CSR and of Training, at the Lensbury. In order to coherently and effectively write about our programmes, meant that we need to review all our statistics, the processes and the outcomes to articulate well our position on these key matters. This review process led to a number of improvements in both of our CSR and Training programmes, which prompted discussion at Board level.
It also led to changes in how we communicated our commitment to these areas to various stakeholders – our staff and our suppliers, in particular, in the short term. It also led to a working group on communications to our members and commercial users, and to a series of improvements we are still implementing.

The benchmarking element is also key to us – it allows us to see where we stand in relation to the other quality businesses that call Richmond their home. We look forward to participating in 2017! The Lensbury – Sponsor of Best Customer Service and Winner of Best Achievement in CSR